A partnership of A to Z

Your expertise is to develop, market and sell your products better. Ours is to manage all the logistics you need.

Our expertise :

We guarantee a supply chain flexible and tailored to your needs.

With our logistics expertise, together we optimize the management of your products at lower cost while giving you real value added at each stage of the supply chain.

A strong partnership:

TTI has acquired solid experience in integrated logistics services to the consumer goods industries.

Management from storage to distribution and delivery services, TTI offers customized logistics solutions and scalable able to anticipate market requirements.

Our dedicated experts seek the highest levels of performance , a quality management and a desire for continuous improvement with programs built around a culture of innovation and partnership.

Thanks to the synergy of collaboration between our different sites, the improvements implemented in our customers can also be adapted to your own supply chain .

Our Products:

  • Purchasing & Consolidation
  • consumer distribution
  • wholesale distribution
  • Co-Packing
  • Reverse logistics