STORAGE  : In the era of globalization and in a changing world, we recognize the need for customers to quickly react to market changes and increase or destroy inventory levels.

We take care of finding the right place for the storage and handling of your products. We ensure that your products are optimally stored in the warehouse and that they are handled as efficiently as possible. We provide specific storage solutions to industries and products to meet your market needs.


  • Incoming traffic
  • Storage
  • Outgoing traffic


TTI solution performs a comprehensive review of your current flow through the wide range of services within your business, we offer solutions for your sourcing areas including consolidation of your goods suppliers, inspection quality, groupage containers.


We manage the inflow of goods warehouses that we make your arrangements as the inspection and registration of products used. Our services include incoming traffic unloading and palletizing of goods and control of products used to detect defects e damage. We also manage the registration papers and serial numbers and removal of the items to the place designated stacking taxman.

STORAGE  : Storage services include remortissement articles to the removal zones and cycle counting to ensure inventory levels of the system are the same as the physical stocks in the warehouse. We manage and optimize the storage of information related to products and offer multiple storage environments, such as storage in air-conditioned areas, bulk storage, storage shelf and shelves.

OUTGOING TRAFFIC  : the outbound services include a variety of pick-principles such as “First Expired, First Out”, “last in, first out” and “first-in, first out”.

We process your orders using a dynamic removal process and we are consolidating shipments. We check the accuracy of orders, label it the packages and load the goods onto trucks or delivery vans.