Our network spans the globe.

This market, like many others, is facing constraints of seasonality, trends, consumer and environmental considerations.

The relocation of production centers, the uncertainty of the emerging markets and the constant evolution of new technologies are additional challenges specific to the electronics industry.

Succeed in this globalized environment requires the most efficient logistics services available.

The solution   TTI offers specific support to meet the needs of spare parts producers and manufacturers and electronic components.

This solution covers the entire supply chain from the supplier warehouse management - with the national and international transport - up logistics operations and support to the production site.

Today, we are all dependent on new technologies and high-tech products in general.

Without them, we are paralyzed and our results are directly impacted.

Our solution includes after-sales and reverse logistics services to quickly get the missing piece and return the defective for the smooth running of businesses.

Our Products:

  • Production Vendor Managed Inventory (supplier Advanced Store)
  • Finished products distribution
  • Kitting & Configuration
  • spare parts management
  • Services techniques