Transport logistics for industrialists

As logistics partner of global industry players, we give you the means to carve out decisive competitive advantages.

The solutions we reserve the industrial sector focuses on the entire supply chain, logistics supply and delivery of products on production lines to distribution logistics and warehousing, through various value added services such as spare parts management logistics and forwarding.

We remain at your disposal to better meet your requirements, in particular regarding:

  • effective inventory management,
  • maximizing availability,
  • cost optimization.

 Our value-added services:

  • multimodal transport solution
  • internal and local logistics, storage in logistic platforms dedicated or shared
  • Production Supply: distribution solutions to tense and sequential flow ( "JIT / JIS")
  • partial disassembly benefits or complete product ( "CKD / SKD")
  • Management references, complaints, warranty services and screening
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
  • IT expertise