We are major players in the logistics industry, every day, begging chain solutions for thousands of companies. Our business scope is worldwide.

Our company consists of three divisions:

  • TRANSPORT : We are at your disposal to transport your goods fast, effective, simple and respectful of the environment worldwide.
  • AIR AND MARITIME : they offer alternative routes and flexible programs to meet the most demanding logistical requirements and all parts of the world.
  • DIVISION LOGISTICS SOLUTION : TTI works in partnership with its customers to receive and provide logistics solutions and we add value by increasing operational efficiency and profitability

STORAGE  : In the era of globalization and a changing world, we recognize the need for customers to respond quickly to market changes and increase or destroy inventory levels.

We take care of finding the right place for the storage and handling of your products. We ensure that your products are optimally stored in the warehouse and are treated as effectively as possible. We provide storage solutions specific to industries and products to meet your market needs.


  • Incoming traffic
  • Storage
  • Outgoing traffic


TTI solution performs a comprehensive review of your current flow through the wide range of services within your company, we offer solutions for your supply areas, including consolidating your suppliers of goods, the quality of inspection, groupage containers.


We manage the flow of goods warehouses we make your arrangements as inspection and registration of products used. Our services include incoming traffic unloading and palletizing of goods and control of products used to detect defects damage e. We also manage the registration papers and serial numbers and removal of goods at the place designated stack treasury.

STORAGE  : Storage Services comprennentarticles remortissement the removal zones cycle andcounting assurerniveaux for the inventory system are the same as the physical inventory in the warehouse. We manage and optimize storage of information relating to products etoffrirmultiples storage environments, such danszones conditioned questockage, stockagevrac, etétagères storage shelf.

OUTGOING TRAFFIC  : outbound services include a variety of sensors such as principles "First Expired, First Out", "last in, first out" and "first-in, first out".

We process your orders using a dynamic process of elimination and we are consolidating shipments. We check the accuracy of orders, it label the packages and load the goods onto trucks or delivery vans.

FREIGHT MANAGEMENT  : We will find the best solution in terms of time, quality etcoût.

We handle the planning, execution and management of all transport operations. Whatever the size, weight and destination, we choose the most advantageous solution for distribution


  • Order consolidation
  • Deliveries of planning
  • The execution and the cargo control
  • Performance reports

NETWORK OPTIMIZATION  : To improve your distribution model, we make a thorough analysis of donnéesvos commandesutilisantoutils of stimulationpointe pourconceptionla freight strategy, we recommend the best possible model of supply chains.

We also respond to changes in your customer base and / or suppliers, service requirements in the capacity or conditions requiring a new evaluation of the network design. We can also help you evaluate your current network and identify potential savings.

CHOICE OF CARRIER  : Depending on your business model Etvös needs, we choose our large support base ouutiliser our existing carriers, depending on what you convientmieux. Thank you for your sommesmesure achatnous power of négocierbons price and we assurerla capacity.

Besides the choice of carrier, we measure the performance of carriers daily using key performance indications and welts tables to suit your requirements. We also auditioning process and carriers under our warranty services.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES  : In addition to your main services, we offer a variety of value-added services. We plan and développonsservicesvaleurfonction your specific needs andsupplying these services through the etefficacité experience of our teams. A wide range of value services including ajoutéey:

  • Assembly and kitting
  • Test and control reality

packaging and repackaging

Repair and labeling of
customs and tax representation

  • industry

We offer specific solutions to industry in five key industrial sectors.
We seek solutions that will facilitate and boost your routes and optimize your profits. Our sector teams have the experience and knowledge of their respective sectors:

  • consumer products
  • industrial products
  • high-tech products

Products of the automobile .

Anti-corruption: Corruption is fundamentally wrong. This is an abuse of power and position and this has an impact on the poor and disadvantaged. This undermines the integrity of the people involved and the deterioration of relations organizations to which they belong.

Our anti-corruption commitment

In recent years, TTI has become a global company that provides services worldwide. This means more business partners come from very different cultural backgrounds. It is for this reason that a formal set of values and common and important directions.

Our anti-corruption policy

We have adopted the following policies on business ethics and the fight against corruption:

  • To ensure that all TTI employees serve the general principles of business ethics.
  • To provide advice on donations of charities and the rules on contributions to political parties and NGOs.

Social responsibility of business

The social responsibility of the company is a corporate citizenship concept. In other words, these are companies that take responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment and the lives of their stakeholders, such as employees and subcontractors.

Why corporate social responsibility, it is also important for TTI?

We always aware of our social responsibility of the company and we recognize that entant leading service providers and transport and logistics at national level with a business scope internationally. We find it natural to worry about our employees and the environment and ensure that our work is based on an ethical model.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

We are very involved in mediating performance of our social responsibility of the company and we believe that this positive approach creates value and is important to our company and our reputation. We are increasingly convinced that our approach to corporate social responsibility will have a positive impact on the quality of our services and overall performance INTERNATIONAL TROPICAL TRANSIT (TTI).

  • Prohibiting employees and companies to participate in temporary work and limit membership in trade and industrial organizations.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest and transactions with related parties.


  • Types of containers: You have a full container (FCL), a grouping container (LCL) or non-containerized load, we shipping containers that meet your needs. Thank you to our ocean carriers, we can offer a large fleet of shipping containers for dry containers, refrigerated containers temperature has mastered the specific hardware.
    • dry containers
    • dry containers has a high volume
    • refrigerated containers
    • roof open containers
    • tray has demountable
    • Platform containers
    • Garment hangers on container

Route: The mastery of road transport in western arches

  • We offer attractive and flexible transport of all types of goods by mail template-out groupage or full.


The short delivery for the grouping, and the various partial and specific loads transported are an integral part of our service offering.

Our company offers:

  • Bundling: deliveries amounted to a member of our distribution network in the country of dispatch and are consolidated on international trucks.

   Internationally, the goods are loaded again on the larger trucks and transported to the warehouse of our partner. Goods are loaded on distribution and transportation trucks to destination tax.

In most cases, we are able to offer groupage services with delivery in four to five days in West Africa.

Temperature controlled transport

We specialize in temperature controlled transport services, which impose strict requirements at every stage of the transportation process. Our transportation service has mastered the temperature include:

  • Distribution and delivery within 24 hours on the national market
  • Air and maritime transport between continents
  • A high level of hygiene
  • The temperature monitoring by GPS


TTI offers customer access to Burkina Faso through its rail network. We handle the transport and wholesale fast and reliable freight volumes. Similarly, we offer a complete and flexible solution for the cars of simple goods for transport in Burkina Faso and the world our partners.

Our Door to Door Service how the advantages of rail and road transport perfectly, creating new opportunities to improve the quality of service.

With our national and international network of global logistics multiscale, we offer solutions that respect the environment and reliable rail transportation door to door.

Your benefits with TTI

  • fast shipping and reliable multimodal door to door.
  • optimized transport of packaged and unpackaged solid, liquid, or palletized cargo.
  • extensive network with highly competent partners
  • Our service can be expanded by adding the following options:
    • The organization of pre-transport and trucking.
    • storage handling and inventory management
    • Other logistical value-added services such as quality assurance, packaging and