VALUE ADDED SERVICES (VAS)  : in addition to your main services, we offer a variety of value added services. We plan and develop services value based on your specific needs and provide these services thanks to the experience and efficiency of our teams. A wide range of value added services including:

  • Assembly and kitting
  • Test and control reality

Packaging and repackaging

Repair and labeling

Customs and tax representation

  • Industrial sector

We offer specific solutions to five key industries

We look for solutions that will facilitate and boost your routes and optimize your profits. Our sector teams have the experience and knowledge of their respective sectors:

  • consumer products
  • industrial products
  • high-tech products

Automotive products .

Anti-corruption: Corruption is fundamentally wrong. This is an abuse of power and position and this has an impact on the poor and disadvantaged. This undermines the integrity of a people involved and deteriorating relations organizations to which they belong.

Our anti-corruption commitment

In recent years, TTI has become a global company offering services worldwide. That means more business partners come from very different cultural backgrounds. It is for this reason that a formal set of common values and guidelines and more important.

Our anti-corruption policy

We have adopted the following policies on business ethics and the fight against corruption:

  • To ensure that all employees of TTI serve the general principles of business ethics.
  • To provide advice on donations of charities and the rules on contributions to political parties and NGOs.

Social responsibility of the business

Social responsibility of business is a concept of corporate citizenship. In other words, these are companies that take responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment and the lives of their stakeholders, such as employees and subcontractors.

Why social responsibility of the company it is also important for TTI?

We always conscious of our social responsibility of the company and we recognize that the entant leading service providers and transport and logistics at national level with a business scope internationally. We find it natural to worry about our employees and the environment and to ensure that our work is based on an ethical model.

Our corporate social responsibility commitment

We are very involved in the mediation of our social responsibility performance of the business and believe that this positive approach creates value and is important to our business and our reputation. We are increasingly convinced that our approach to social responsibility of business will have a positive impact on the quality of our services and overall performance TROPICAL INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT (TTI).

  • Prohibiting employees and companies to engage in temporary activities and limit membership has trade and industry organizations.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest and transactions with related parties.