A solution for the transport of your perishable goods

We offer air and maritime solutions in door-to-door without breaking the cold chain for your perishables in accordance with the sanitary standards.

Our expertise :

Offering solutions in door-to-door for delicate goods that require special atmospheric conditions over the entire delivery chain, our offer is a logistics service which is ideal for transporting:

  • fish / seafood / fresh meat
  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • frozen,
  • delicatessen,
  • flowers and bulbs.

TTI guarantees a quality service on all trade routes with competitive transit times. Provision of materials environmentally friendly and efficient, including:

  • refrigerated containers and envirotainers for maintaining precise and constant temperatures,
  • monitoring tools before, during and after transport to ensure the cold chain without breaking.

Our engagements :

  • single multimodal offer: air, sea, road
  • Delivery times set
  • Pre- / post-routing
  • Fret maritime
  • Local Delivery with active cooling if needed

Your advantages :

  • Continuously monitoring the delivery via the Internet
  • Transparency benefits and rates
  • Export clearance and import