Faster, more reliable, more flexible

As one of the largest maritime cargo carriers in the world, TTI offers tailored logistics solutions to meet any shipping challenge.

Whatever the destination of your shipment and its capacity, we can offer you the ideal option. Our local transport services are reliable, flexible and fast.

We offer a groupage service (LCL), and you get a time of particularly short transit and flexible and integrated multimodal solutions from start to finish.

In addition to sea freight services reliable standards, TTI offers customized logistics solutions tailored to your every need.


Solutions standards :

  • The solution for your full container load (FCL)
  • The consolidation of LTL containers (transport LCL)
  • Combining the advantages of air and ocean freight: twice as fast as maritime transport for half the price of air transport.

Solutions industries :

  • The complete logistics solution for the transport of wines and spirits
  • The special sea freight for perishable consumer goods
  • The service dedicated to transporting recyclable paper, plastic, metal and wood

value-added solutions:

  • Improved security for the transport of high-value goods in containers
  • Integrated Cargo – Organization of shipment and control from start to finish of the expedition