Created in 2008, it is first commission approve by Customs before getting his other amenities. It operates with several partners working in the field of transit and good visibility on some large sizes. With this performance and seriousness in work, the company got its second approval for handling and port logging. It is related to the world. On top of that it delivers goods of all kinds both inside the country and the hinterland.

Since its establishment it is led by Ms. COMARA Mariam Traoré Epse

Our activities :

We are specialized in four areas: transit, port handling, logging and maritime transport.

 Transit Comisionari accept customs, specialized for the clearance of goods and various items entering and leaving Côte d'Ivoire.
Port handling : Loading and unloading of ships
Logging Maritime: Acting on behalf of the owner to complete the paperwork
Transport: Transport of goods of all kinds inside the country and hinterland

Geographic area :

We are present both in Abidjan and also in the port area of San Pedro and Noah and Pogo border.

Our references :

Large corporations have trusted us: Eolis, MAERSK, GETMA (NECOTRANS)