Logistics for goods sensitive to temperature & weather factors

The logistics market in the health sector is a rapidly changing environment, responding to strict regulations.

Medical devices as well as pharmaceutical products require transport networks and suitable warehouses.

With our pharmaceutical supply chain perfectly reliable and controlled, your products are transported with the care they require, safely.

Our engagements :

authorized and competent partner

  • Compliance with the very demanding standards of the pharmaceutical industry (temperature, GDP compliance)
  • Professional experience in the field of international transportation of health products

Control of the cold chain:

  • transport solutions under controlled temperature / control (envirotainers, refrigerated containers, insulating sheets, …)
  • Powerful monitoring tools
  • A worldwide network of reliable partners for the transport and storage of your medical devices increasingly sophisticated
  • Solutions in door-to-door
  • Our online tracking throughout the supply chain

Our value-added services:

  • Packaging Solution
  • tracking and monitoring solution